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Effective Alarms To Safeguard Your Home & Business

At AAA Alarm we provide the most effective way to have peace of mind with Security Systems featuring the Industry's latest technology.  We never oversell protection, tailoring each of our affordable alarm systems to your home or business in the Los Angeles and Orange County California areas.  Find out more about our security and home surveillance systems.

Honeywell Monitor

Security Alarm Systems

Your home and business will be sufficiently protected by our systems.  We use the most advanced equipment in the industry consisting of Honeywell & DSC.  Our systems are reliable, user friendly and equipped with all the latest security features such as:

  • Entry Point Protection
  • Perimeter Protection
  • IR Motion Protection
  • Panic Systems
  • Remote Access
  • Temperature Control
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection
  • Smoke & Heat Detection
  • Home Automation

Remote Access Services

Our Remote Access 'TOTAL CONNECT' & 'HOMECONTROL' services allow you to manage your security system remotely over your cell phone, PC, laptop or any Internet-based device.  This means you can arm, disarm, or bypass your system and much more.

Cellular Alarm Systems

This type of system offers a higher level of security and allows you to eliminate your phone lines and save money monthly.  Instead of the alarm system utilizing your phone line as a source of communications, your alarm becomes self-sufficient and prevents crooks from being able to damage your phone lines.  This is the SAFEST & LATEST in security communications and highly recommended.