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Keeping an Eye on Your Property with CCTV Cameras

You can get some shut-eye because our CCTV cameras never sleep!  AAA Alarm is your source for a wide range of high-quality Surveillance equipment and Remote Viewing in the Los Angeles and Orange County California areas.  Our cameras and alarm systems will always meet your needs because we provide complete customized configurations.  Our goal is to make the user experience the absolute best it can be.

Camera and Phone

Only the Best

Our inventory encompasses the latest  Security technology in the industry fom all Camera styles to DVR/NVR's and more.  You can rely on many years of user-friendly functions and capabilities with our systems.  View perpetrators or daily activity in clear real-time and full HD quality with our CCTV camera systems.

Mobile Access

With the newest remote access 'Total Connect' & 'HomeControl' features,  you can manage your Honeywell or DSC system from your mobile devices!  Thanks to online connections, our camera systems allow you to view surveillance activity and store recordings of feed using your internet-based devices.

 Surveillance Systems

We supply the leading provider of CCTV and IP NVR equipment and have a full range of cameras (covert style as well) and recorders from 4 to 32 channels, alongside the most sophisticated REMOTE VIEWING platforms available.