A Security Company You Can Count On

Your protection is our main priority here at AAA Alarm. We have succeeded as a leading home security company for more than five decades because our core belief is to adhere to small company standards and strive every day to earn the trust of our loyal and very appreciated customers in the Los Angeles and Orange County California areas. Give us a call today, we're always happy to assist and would be honored to have you as our new customer.

Dedicated to You

Being a small family-owned-and-operated establishment, our mission is simple:  To have completely satisfied customers by providing immediate quality customer care and personal services you expect by familiar staff each time.  Following our belief in honest and trustworthy work ethics, we take extra time for our customer's needs.  We make each work day an honorable one for our long-time loyal customers and new customers like you!

Same-Day Service

Our dedication of delivering fast, same-day services is a principal rule that we have strongly upheld throughout the many years.  This service is what you deserve and should expect from your Security Provider!

Strong, Personalized Customer Service & Communications

We opted out of the irritating telephone automation and pressing several buttons only to be directed back to the beginning again because we feel immediate customer care is most important.  What we don't like for us, we don't like for YOU!  Our services are never outsourced, and our staff is prompt, professional and always familiar.

Latest Technology

You can count on us to provide the latest and most reliable equipment in the industry.  We do ONLY SECURITY, not TV or Solar or Internet or Electricity!  We will never let you down with yesterday's technology and if you have a request, ask us, we'll have it.

Budget-Friendly Pricing

Low cost matters to everyone, we understand!  That is why we offer competitive and affordable products and services to fit all budgets.  Please contact us before making a decision so we can discuss any concerns you may have.

Watching Out for You

When shopping for security systems, it is important to take precautions and be aware of questionable door-to-door or phone solicitors with free offers!  We all know nothing is for free these days.  Always ask first what and how much product is actually included in the fees quoted.  Beware of a Company new to the Industry, many are here today and GONE TOMORROW!  Do your research, we see many companies that are TV, Phone, Internet even Solar Specialists that try to do Security and FAIL.  Security is what we do, we want you to be security-wise and well protected.